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annoy v. 1 to feel annoyed: mayamot 2 to feel annoyed because of some monotonous or continuous act: mabagot, mabuwisit 3 to cause


tease v. 1 to annoy, vex or worry by jokes, questions, requests, etc.: tumukso, manukso, tuksuhin, tumudyo, manudyo, tudyuhin, bumiro, mambiro, biruin 2 to annoy: mambuwisit, buwisitin, mangantiyaw, kantiyawan · n. a person who teases: manunudyo, manunukso, mangangantiyaw

inŽis ­ mainis (ma-) v. to be annoyed, to be disgusted, to be exasperated. Nainis siya sa akin. She got annoyed with me. uminis, mang-inis, inisŽin (-um, mang-:-in) v. to vex, to annoy, to provoke, to exasperate. Huwag kang mang-inis ng kapwa. Don't annoy your fellowmen.

irritate v. 1 to make one angry: manggalit, makagalit, ikagalit, galitin 2 to annoy: mangyamot, makayamot, yamutin, mang-inis, makainis, inisin

bait n. 1 for catching fish, rats, etc.: pain 2 to set a bait: magpain, painan · v. to torment by unkind or annoy- ing remarks: magpasakit, pasakitan

annoyance to, to annoy: mangyamot 4 to molest, disturb: mang-abala, abalahin 5 to pester: mambuwisit, buwisitin, manggulo 6 to tease: manukso, tuksuhin 7 to make angry: magpagalit, galitin

anino anu-ano anim amain

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