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bīukol n. tumor, swelling


tumor n. 1 a swelling: bukol 2 a growth in any part of the body caused by disease: tumor

bullfighter n. torero, toreador bump v. 1 to collide with or come against with force: bumangga, ma- bangga, banggain, magkabanggaan, bumunggo, mabunggo, bungguin, bumundol, mabundol, bundulin 2 to bump the head: mauntog · n. a swelling: bukol

1) Mass n. 1 the sacrifice offered in the Catholic Church: misa 2 to go to Mass: magsimba, sumimba 3 to hear Mass: makinig ng misa 4 to say Mass: magmisa
2) mass n. 1 a lump: bukol 2 mash: masa 3 a large quantity to- gether: tumpok, bunton, kimpal 4 a group: pangkat, pulutong 5 the majority: ang karamihan, ang nakararami 6 "the masses" some- times means the "common people": ang mga karaniwang tao, ang mga karaniwang mamamayan, ang mga manggagawa, karaniwang mama- mayan · v. 1 to form into a mass, bunch or collect together: mag-ipon, ipunin, magkumpol, kumpulin, magtumpok, itumpok 2 to gather in a group: magtipon, magkatipon, magtipun-tipon, pagtipun-tipunin

bakol busal bakal buslo

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