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g´alit n. anger, resentment, indigna- tion · magalit (ma-) v. to get angry, to be- come angry. Huwag ka sanang mag- alit sa akin. Please don't get angry with me.


mad adj. 1 out of ones head, crazy, insane: loko/a, sira ang isip (ulo, bait ), baliw, ulol 2 blindly and un- reasonably fond: hibang, lokong-loko 3 very angry: galit na galit 4 hav- ing rabies or hydrophobia (in dogs): ulol 5 like mad, furiously, very hard: parang loko/a

grumpy adj. surly, ill humored: mainit ang ulo, galit

kagal´it n. one with whom a person has quarreled, an enemy ( from galit )

indignation n. anger at something unworthy, unjust or mean: galit, pagkagalit, ngitngit, pagngingitngit

resentment n. the feeling that one has at being injured or insulted, indignation: galit, pagkagalit, poot, pagkapoot, pagdaramdam, hinanakit, paghihinanakit, sama ng loob

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