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g´ulay n. vegetables


gis´a ­ maggisa; gisah´in; igisa (mag-:-in,i-) v. to saute, to cook in oil, garlic, onions and or tomatoes. Ginisa ni Inday ang gulay. Inday sauteed the vegetable.

´agap n. promptness, quickness · maagap (ma-) adj. prompt, punc- tual, quick · umagap, ag´apan (um-:-an) v. to anticipate, to watch for something, to make sure that one gets it. Aga- pan mo ang mga sariwang gulay sa palengke. Get to market early to get the fresh vegetables.

vegetable n. 1 a plant grown for food: gulay, gulayin 2 a plant of any kind: halaman, tanim · adj. having to do with plants: may kinalaman sa halamanan, sa (ukol sa) halaman

l´ulan ­ lumulan (-um-) v. to load, to ride. Lumulan siya sa tren. He rode a train. maglulan, ilulan (mag-:i-) to load, to ride. Maglulan ka ng mga gulay sa trak. You load the vegetables on the truck.

galaw gala gulo giliw

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