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gust´o pv. want, like [syn. ´ibig] · gumusto, gustoh´in (-um-:-in) v. to like, to want, to desire. Ginusto ng lalaki ang biyuda. The man desired the widow.


want v. 1 to wish for, to wish: gusto, gusto, magkagusto, magkagusto, gustuhin, ibig, maibigan 2 to lack, to be without: magkulang, kulangin 3 to need: mangailangan, kailanganin · n. 1 a thing desired or needed: ibig, kaibigan, gusto, gusto, kagustuhan, kailangan 2 a condition of being without something desired or needed, lack, need: kulang, kaku- langan, kailangan, pangangailangan, kawalan 3 poverty: kasalatan, pagsasalat, karalitaan, pagdaralita, paghihikahos, kahirapan, paghihirap

like adj. similar, resembling some- thing or each other: katulad, kamukha, kawangis, kawangki · adv. 1 such as one would expect: para, kagaya 2 as, in the same way as, as well as: paris, gaya, para 3 "and the like" means and other like things: at iba pang gaya nito 4 like this: ganito, ganiri 5 like that: ganoon, gayon, ganyan · n. a liking, preference: gusto, gusto, ibig, nasa, nais · v. to have a preference or liking: magkaibig, maibigan, magkagusto, magustuhan, ibig, gusto

wish v. 1 to desire: magnais, naisin, magnasa, nasain, maghangad, hangarin, ibigin, gumusto, gustuhin 2 to greet: bumati, batiin 3 to have a fervent desire: maglunggati, lunggatiin, magmithi, mithiin · n. 1 a desire: nais, pagnanais, nasa, pagnanasa, gusto, gusto, kagustuhan, ibig, kaibigan 2 a fervent wish: lunggati, mithi

will n. 1 the power of the mind to decide and do: loob, kalooban, kalooban 2 a wish, desire: nais, nasa, pita, hangad, gusto, gusto, kagustuhan, ibig, kaibigan 3 a legal statement of a persons wishes about what shall be done with his prop- erties after his death: testamento, huling habilin 4 a disposition or feeling towards another: kalooban, kalooban, palagay, pagpapalagay 5 a commmand: utos, atas · v. 1 to determine, to decide: magpasiya, pasiyahan, pagpasiyahan, ipasiya 2 to decide by using this power, to use the will: gumusto, gustuhin, loobin, nasain, naisin, ibigin 3 to give a legal statement of a persons wishes about what shall be done with his property: magtestamento, isatestamento 4 (as auxiliary verb) to be going to, to be about to: rendered by the future tense of the verb

desire n. wish: nais, nasa, ibig, gusto, hangad · v. to like, to want: gumusto, gustuhin, umibig, ibigin

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