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ik´aw pron. you (singular), usually occurs initially in sentences


ikaw n. earrings

1) b´aga n. embers, glowing coal
2) b´aga' n. lung bag´a adv. emphatic marker, throws more stress on the interrogation. ikaw baga ay nagasawa? Did you (ever) get married? · conj. (+man) although

nga' part. emphatic particle, ex- pressing confirmation, truly, really, certainly, request particle meaning "please", so, therefore, really. Oo, nga. Yes, indeed. ikaw nga ang maysabi. You, yourself said so. Ituro nga ninyo (polite request). Please show me the way...

l´asa n. taste · malasa (ma-) adj. spicy, tasty lumasa, las´ahin (-um-:-in) v. to taste, to have taste of. ikaw ang lumasa ng ulam. You taste the dish.

you pron. 1 the person or persons spoken to: ikaw (prepositive and singular), ka (postpositive and singular), kayo (plural or singular if respect should be shown) 2 to you: sa iyo, sa inyo (plural) 3 for you: para sa iyo (inyo) 4 by you: mo, ninyo

isaw ika iyak iwas

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