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lik´o' ­ lumiko' (-um-) v. to turn, to curve, to bend. Lumiko ang kotse sa kanan. The car turned to the right. magliko',iliko' (mag-:i-) to turn something. Iliko mo ang kotse sa kaliwa. Turn the car to the left.


zigzag adj. adv. with short, sharp turns from one side to the other: sigsag, paliku-liko, paese-ese · v. to move in a zigzag way: magpaliku-liko, lumiku-liko, paliku- likuin, magpaese-ese, umese-ese, paese-esehin · n. 1 a zigzag line: paese-eseng (liku-likong) guhit, linya 2 a zigzag course or path: liku-likong (paese-eseng) landas o daan 3 on the short, sharp turns of a zigzag: sigsag (Eng), liko

crooked adj. 1 not straight: hindi tuwid, kilo, liko 2 bent: baluktot, balikuko 3 twisted, curved: liku- liko, kilo, kilu-kilo 4 not honest: magdaraya, manlilinlang, hindi- tapat 5 having a crooked arm: komang, mangko, singkol

twist v. 1 to turn or cause to turn or wind: umikot, magpaikot, paikutin, pumihit, pihitin 2 to wind together, to wind: magpili, pumili, pilihin, magpilipit, pumilipit, pilipitin 3 to bend: magbalikuko, bumalikuko, balikukuin, ibalikuko, magbaluktot, bumaluktot, baluktutin, ibaluktot 4 to curve, to bend: magpaliku-liko, lumiku-liko, paliku-likuin 5 to force or to become out of shape or shape: magtabingi, tumabingi, patabingiin, magkatabi-tabingi 6 to distort the meaning of: bumaluktot, baluktutin, bumaligtad, baligtarin, mag-uwi (iuwi) sa ibang bagay, mag-iba ng kahulugan, ibahin ang kahulugan 7 to twist the foot or ankle: matapilok · n. 1 a twisting: pagbaluktot, pagpilipit, pagbalikuko 2 a thread, cord, or rope made of two or more strands twisted together: pili 3 a being twisted: pagkabaluktot, pagkabalikuko, pagkapilipit two num/adj. the number equal to one plus one: dos, dalawa

1) wind v. 1 to move this way and that, go in a crooked way, change direction, turn: magpa- liku-liko, paliku-likuin 2 to twist or turn around something: mag- pulupot, ipulupot (transitive verb), pumulupot (intransitive verb), puluputan, magpilipit, pumilipit, ipilipit, pilipitin, pilipitan 3 to roll into a ball or on a spool, etc.: mag-ikid, ikirin, iikid, magkidkid, ikidkid, kidkirin, magbilibid, ibilibid, maglikaw, ilikaw 4 to fold, wrap, or place about something: magbalot, mabalot, balutin, ibalot 5 to fold the arms around something: yumakap, yakapin, iyakap 6 to make a clock go by turning some part of it: magsusi, susian, magkuwerdas, kuwerdasan 7 to wind up sometimes means to end, settle, conclude: magwakas, wakasan, tumapos, magtapos, tapusin · n. 1 a bend, a turn: kurba, kurbada, liko 2 a twist: pulupot, pilipit
2) wind n. moving air: hangin

curve n. a bend on a road: liko, kurba, kurbada · v. to curve or turn slightly: lumiko nang bahagya

like lako loko liso

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