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p´arang n. meadow, prairie · conj. as if


natural adj. 1 produced by nature: likas, natural 2 inborn, belonging to the nature one has: katutubo, likas 3 like nature, true to nature: parang natural, parang buhay (totoo) 4 free from affectation or restraint: natural, parang totoo 5 in accor- dance with the nature of things or the circumstances of a case: natural 6 of or about nature: ng (tungkol sa) kalikasan

prairie n. a large piece of level or rolling land with grass but no trees: parang

saintly adj. 1 like a saint: parang santo (santa) 2 very holy: napaka- banal, lubhang banal

meadow n. 1 low grassy land by the bank of a stream: parang, kaparangan 2 pasture land: pastulan

field n. 1 land cleared for tilling: linang 2 land intended for farming: bukid, bukirin 3 uncultivated land: parang 4 area of specialization: larangan


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