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sip´on n. cold, catarrh


h´awa n. infection adj. contagious · manghawa, haw´aan (mang-:-an) v. to infect, to contaminate another, to stain. Nanghawa siya ng sipon sa akin. He infected me with colds.

bah´in n. sneeze · bumahin (-um-) v. to sneeze. Ako'y malimit bumahin kapag ako'y may sipon. I sneeze frequently when I have colds.

cold adj. 1 having a low tempera- ture: malamig 2 chilly: maginaw 3 lacking interest, indifferent: walang sigla, malamig · n. 1 low temper- ature: lamig 2 a kind of sickness: sipon · v. 1 to feel cold: maginaw, ginawin 2 to be cold or indifferent to someone: manlamig 3 to have the chills: manlamig, lamigin

sing´a ­ suminga, isinga (-um-:i-) v. to expel mucus from the nose. Suminga ka. Blow your nose. Isinga mo ang sipon mo. Blow out the mucus from your nose.

sapin spoon sabon span

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