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t´abo' n. a dipper, scoop, usually a coconut shell or an empty can · magtabo', tumabo', tab´uin (mag:-um-:-in) v. to scoop water with a coconut shell or an empty can, to use a dipper or a coconut shell or an empty can. Tumabo siya ng tubig sa tapayan. He scooped out water from the earthen jar.


dipper n. 1 a long handled container for lifting water or liquids: panalok, kutsaron 2 coconut shell or can with- out a handle: tabo, panabo

mug n. 1 a heavy china or metal drinking cup with a handle: taro, saro 2 a drinking vessel made from coconut shell and used in barrios: tabo, lumbo

scoop n. 1 a ladle: sandok, pansalok, panalok, tabo, panabo 2 act of scooping: pagsalok, pagsandok, pagsagap · v. 1 to take up or out with a scoop or as a scoop does: sumandok, sandukin, sumalok, salukin 2 to hollow out, dig out, make by scooping: maghukay, humukay, hukayin, hukayan, magbutas, butasan, butasin 3 to scoop out, e.g., water from a small boat, to bail: maglimas, lumimas, limasin

taboy tibo taba tabi

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