Tagalog Dictionary


Meaning of "even"


    • 1. level, flat: patag, pantay
    • 2. equal, no more or less than: pareho, magkapareho, magkakapareho, magkasindami, magkakasindami
    • 3. can be divided by
    • 2. without a remainder: pares
    • 4. at the same level: kapantay, kasimpantay, kasintaas
    • to make flat or level: magpantay, pantayin, magpatag, patagin adv. 1. as used in the phrases "even though" and "even if": kahit, kahit na, kahiman
    • 2. even when, at the very time: noon pa man, kahit noon pa man
    • 3. even so: kahit na, gayon pa man, maski na
    • 4. to break even, neither to lose nor to win: makatabla, makapatas, makapareho, di matalot di manalo
    • 5. to get even with, to take revenge: gumanti, maghiganti
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