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Chinese Garter

This game needs you to be physically fit for this will test your stamina, agility and your jumping skills. It needs a flexible body to keep up for the game. Before the game starts you will need a rubber bands, garter or rope whichever you prefer and as to how long the length you will be using.

To play the game, two teams are required with 2 or more players each, although you can still play this with only three players 2 holding the rope and one jumping on it. The holders will stand facing each other at both ends with the garter stretched horizontally around 2 to 3 yards or 7 feet long looped around their ankles.

The player should be able to jump or cross over the garter without tripping. Failure to do so will get you or your team eliminated and make you the one holding the garter as the other player takes turn in jumping.

The players may decide the levels for their game. Generally the garter starts from the ankle level, next is middle of the leg, knee, hips, waist, chest, shoulder, head, tip of the head, few inches above the head and the last level is that the garter is held up with raised arms. Every challenger must be careful not to commit any mistakes during their jump or else her turn is over.

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